Life is very beautiful and charming if you accept everything that disturbed you .Life is full of surprises.


The meaning of life is a deep and philosophical question that has been pondered by humans for centuries. It has been a subject of much Talk , with various opinion offered all around history. 

intrinsic meaning 

That life has no inherent meaning and that individuals must create their own purpose and find fulfillment through personal experiences and relationships. This perspective emphasizes individual freedom and responsibility in shaping one's life.

Meaning of life

Others believe that the meaning of life can be found in pursuing happiness, personal growth, or the realization of one's full potential. This perspective suggests that life gains meaning through the pursuit of goals and the development of one's talents and virtues.

It's important to note that the meaning of life is subjective and can vary from person to person. Each individual may find their own unique purpose or meaning based on their beliefs, values, and personal experiences. It is ultimately a question that each person must explore and answer for themselves.

How successful in Life?

Successful life not related to money its all about your self satisfaction. Peace of mind and relaxation is most important in Life. Many Billionaire unhappy in life because they have no memories with their loved ones. So balanced life actually a successful Life     

How happy in Life?

Happiness in Life related to priorities of your life. If your priority is money then you happy after earning money. And some People priority their inner satisfaction. But today world of materialistic approach give priority to earning money, bank balance and cars. Any how for me real happiness is belong to inner peace.

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